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Cooper Roadmaster

Cooper Roadmaster  is the name given to Coopertire and rubber company’s lineup of commercial tires. (See the Cooper Tires Online page for non-commercial tire information) There are a dozen or so different models of Cooper Roadmaster tires, each designed with a different need in mind. Use the form below to find truck tires online.
Here are some highlights of the different Cooper Roadmaster models:

RM871(EM) A Smartway verified Long haul trailer tire. This tire has a high degree of retreadability due to the stone ejector blades, designed to prevent small stone penetration. It’s wide shoulder ribs resist scrubbing and promotes long even tire wear. The tread material is formulated especially for greater fuel efficiency needed for long haul applications.

RM180(EM) Another Smartway verified tire, the RM180 is long haul steer classified. Fuel efficiency, good treadwear, and retreadability are assured by the modern tread design and high tensile strenght of the 4 belt construction.

RM185 A CARB compliant and Smartway verified all position tire. It also has 4 belt construction to provide the strength, retreadability, and long wear features that helps the fuel efficiency of the fleet.

RM275 A very effective long haul drive tire. Traction is the main concern with this tire. With a solid shoulder design and four belt package you get the traction, retread, and tire wear characteristics desired.

RM235 This is the Cooper Roadmaster regional haul drive tire. Also featuring retreadability, wear, and strong 4 belt design, it has an open shoulder design for traction.

RM120 Another choice for long haul trailer tires. Also retreadable, with 4 belt design.

Cooper Roadmaster Heavy Haulers

RM185HH This tire was created as a regional all position tire for heavy hauling. A high strength 5 rib design when added to 4-belt package keeps the tire wear and retreadability.

RM230HH Another  heavy hauling all position tire designed for on/off road use. It has much the same features as above with better cutting and chipping resistance.

RM300HH This one is the heavy hauling drive tire of the HH series. It has all the above features along with a deep traction pattern.

RM170 This tire is a pick-up and delivery all position model. It wad designed with local haulers in mind.

RM253 Here is an all weather, all purpose pickup and delivery tire. It is designed with isle siping on the lugs for maximum traction in any weather.

RM160 Another all position tire for pickup and delivery. It features all the same designs needed for local haulers and due to its sizing, it is well suited for low-platform trailers.

Whatever your commercial needs, Cooper Roadmaster has a tire for you!

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