Cooper Zeon LTZ

Cooper Zeon LTZ

Cooper Zeon LTZ tires come in 18 inch through 24 inch rim sizes and are available from Cooper Tires online dealers like Tires-Easy.Com

Cooper Zeon LTZ
tires are designed for both all terrain and sport truck type usage because of their very aggressive hybrid tread. The mixture of patterned tread elements and lateral grooves provides it with exceptional all-terrain capabilities.

This tires clean appearance is the result of ventless mold technology. Most tread noise is reduced on paved surfaces due to its optimized tread pitch sequence, without hindering the Cooper Zeon LTZ‘s performance. It also has a rim protector edge that helps to shield your wheels from curb damage while parallel parking or other close in driving.

Tire Review Online magazine published the following  article when Cooper first released the Zeon LTZ:

Designed for Cooper Zeon LTZ ImageSUVs and CUVs, the Zeon LTZ “follows the successful launch of the high performance sport truck tire, the Cooper Zeon XSTA, earlier this year,” said Hal Gardner, Cooper’s vice president of marketing. “With the LTZ, Cooper set its sights on the off-road market, combining sport-truck market thinking and innovative technology. Rather than just develop an all-terrain tire for the traditional 15- and 16-inch applications, Cooper engineers designed the LTZ for larger diameter applications, currently as big as 24 inches.”

The Zeon LTZ features a silica-based all-season tread design designed to deliver on- and off-road performance, Cooper said, with dual Z-shaped sipes on each tread lug for handling and traction. The tread pattern features deep tread in the center rib for stability, slightly shallower tread in the shoulders for wear and wet weather handling.

Cooper said the LTZ’s raised, serrated “lug locks” between the tread block elements to “reinforce the tread pattern for enhanced steering and all-terrain traction.”

Initially, the Zeon LTZ will be available in eight sizes covering 18- through 24-inch diameters. Additional sizes will be released in 2009. Read the full article here…

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