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Cooper Tires Online | Company History

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is currently the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the United States and ninth largest in the world. Starting back in 1915, Cooper focuses on the design and manufacturing  of light truck as well as many passenger car tires. Some of their  associated brands are responsible for racing, medium truck, and motorcycle  tires.

Do you need a superior tire with long tread life, precise control and an extremely  smooth ride? You will find it with Cooper. Top quality, safe, tires you can depend on are Cooper’s number one objective. Cooper Tires OnlineEach tire is designed and tested so as to provide motorists thousands of miles of exceptional service, so that you can rest assured you get to your destination and back safely and worry free. At Cooper, they want to be a big part of your journey, not just tagging along for the ride.

With headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company has offices in ten other countries and employees almost 13,000 highly trained men and women. The company produces well over 420 million tires for vehicles around the world. One of the best online retailers for Cooper tires online is Discount Tire Direct. Check it out to see how easy it is to get the best tires at the best prices, with service customized just for you.

Autoweek magazine published an article in the March 2011 edition comparing one certain model Cooper tire with one of the popular models from Hankook. Below is results of their testing:

 Cooper Tires is the fourth-largest tire manufacturer in North America, with just more than 13 percent of the replacement-tire market in the United States. But nobody goes around chanting, “We’re No. 4!” So Cooper is working on a bigger market share. A few new tires we recently tried out could help it get there.

Now granted, making sense of the black art of tire design takes a couple degrees in polymer physics, and even then your driving talent or lack thereof probably has more to do with the differences you think you’re feeling down on the contact patch. But what the heck, it was a chance for track time, and you always learn something from that.

We went to the Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Center in Pearsall, Texas, just outside of San Antonio, to drive four new tire models.

First up was the Cooper Zeon RS3-A All Season tire. To show off this one, Cooper outfitted two identical Ford Mustangs, one with the Zeon RS3-A and one with what Cooper considers to be the current segment leader, the Hankook Ventus V4 ES.

With the traction control disabled on both vehicles, we drove them back-to-back over a wet skid pad and a dry handling course. Both test tracks had a measured and coned course and included a timer so you could compare lap times.

Although the times were close in both wet and dry conditions, we found the Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires handled well under both conditions but were especially good in the wet.

Among the assembled media–and what better drivers are there than those guys?–the Cooper Zeon RS3-A shaved off an average of 1.5 seconds per lap in the dry and 2.8 seconds per lap in the wet, when compared with the Hankooks.

We repeated the same tests later in the day using Cooper’s new Ultra High Performance tire, the Zeon RS3-S. We drove them on identically equipped BMW 3-series sedans and found the Coopers outperformed the Michelin Pilot Sport PS 2s by an average of two seconds per lap in the wet and 2.1 seconds in the dry.


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